How To Start Saying No (With Email Prompts You Can Use)

Get very clear on what you want

“I’ve got three projects on my plate, and we’re focused on achieving {our main priority}. It seems like Project D is a distraction from this goal, unless I’m missing something.”

Try using “no” as your default answer

“I’m booked with commitments these next two weeks, so I’m sorry, I can’t make it.”

Say no by creating tension for the asker

“Which project should we put on hold so we can add this to our plates?”

Rewrite your understanding of the scope of what you’re really saying no to

“I would love to be a part of this event, but every event I say yes to means I’m saying no to the book I want to be writing. So, I have to sadly decline, knowing that you’ll all have a wonderful time, and that I’ll be pursuing my life dream of writing a book.”

Suggest someone else

“I’m already committed that weekend. Have you considered these other speakers as possibilities? They’d both be great and I’m happy to connect you, if you’d like.”

Don’t be afraid to be firm

I appreciate you reaching out. I will have to decline this time. Thank you!

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